Community Producers

Financing any film production is a challenge, especially when you're trying to tell OUR stories on sovereign artistic ground.  We knew in advance we would meet obstacles financing for our first feature film, Bruising for Besos.  But we also believed in our vision and in the generous support of our communities.


This special list represents a small fraction of the Community Producers from our initial Indiegogo campaign effort.  They remain listed here because they purchased books through Kórima Press as a way of supporting our campaign OR they answered our request to re-pledge their monies in 2013 through our film's website.  They gave us the support to re-launch our efforts in 2014, which became our successful AIM/Hatchfund online campaign (Those donors are listed on our feature film's website and end credits).  


Community Producers highlighted in blue pledged $25 or more and are also listed on the Bruising for Besos website.  Members in green pledged $50 or more and are also be listed on rolling credits.  

(Fonts increase in size in relation to the donor's contribution.)   


Anjali Alimchandani

Mary Andres

Sharon Bridgforth

Kristin Borella

Francisca Cazarez

Erika Cervantez

Evelyn Street Press

Grace Chang

Leslie Connelly

Denise Contreras

Gwen DArcangelis

Laurie Dietrich

Anel Flores

Dino Foxx

Aurora Garcia

Sarah Guerra

Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano

Mel Hidalgo

Adele Hoppe-House

Anonymous Donor (We know who you are!)

Kim Lowe

Sheena Malhotra

Allison Manos

Carlos Manuel

Niamh McNamara

Felicia Montes

Mikki del Monico

Shirley Palomino

Jacqueline Paredes

Melissa Perez

Rocio Tamayo

Ana María Robles

Elvia Taylor-Rubalcava

Saundarya Thapa


Tania Triana

Natalie Salinas

Cristina Serna

Nicolas Valdez

Adrienne Rose White

Nadia Zepeda